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MSI X600 Hands-On English

www.newgadgets.de – MSI X600 Hands-On English
Video Bewertung: 4 / 5

www.newgadgets.de Hands On Video of the MSI Wind U135 Netbook at the Cebit Preview Event in Munich.
Video Bewertung: 5 / 5

19 Antworten auf MSI X600 Hands-On English

  • I have a question, what will be the most heavy game that can be nicely played on this netbook? I want to buy it, but i have no idea what the graphical prestations are. Par example, is COD4 (on low settings) playable? Or is Need For Speed Underground 1 the max?

  • Dear santa

  • It’s a netbook dude.

  • Would this netbook be any use to me to use at college programming c++ java php ect…?

  • does the bluetooth device works??

  • Can anyone help me out please as ive just purchased the MSI Wind U135 Windows XP 7Hour Netbook………….i was under the impresion u just plug it in charge over night and turn on in morning….but whats concerning me theres no blinking charging light so im confused as I don’t thk its charging …..as I was told don’t switch it on unless fully charged….. can anyone adivise me please….yours kindly tw34uk

  • @yassminooo

  • you run windows 7 on it??

  • awesome windows 7 this could be a rival for the macbook air, its pretty slim nad its bigger that the air too

  • Yes, but keep in mind how much you’re paying for it. (BTW the hinge on the air is NOT strong, and is prone to breaking)

  • is the screen not 15.6 inches?

  • It is!

  • mabook air broke on me after one year….just because it „MAC“ doesnt mean its“better“ and i have 2 macbook pros and 2 imacs in the house which i love

  • macbook air is more than twice the price…

  • I’m considering buying this for school use, with it being super slim.

  • get one then

  • No its not the MSI CX600, it’s the MSI X600 from the X-Slimline Series.

  • how long does the battery last for?

  • how do i get windows onto it if it get broken