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Packard Bell Netbook dot

Der dot ist baugleich mit dem Aspire One bietet aber einen 6 Zellen Akku und 0ptionales UMTS/3G.
Video Bewertung: 4 / 5

5 Antworten auf Packard Bell Netbook dot

  • How is it to use?
    Especially the keyboard? Are the buttons very small or are they like regular?
    Do u often misclick buttons?

  • Hi, i was just checking the DOT, not too many reviews avaliable about this product since the company has decided to retire the DOT. Anyhow, i would like to know the 1st hand evaluation from you… how is the machine doing? any problems?
    Appreciate your comments and help.

  • i cant get the 3d work :S

  • Wow its so small and nice im getting my very own on the 25th august =3 cant wait! :D:D:D

  • a cute little fluffy 🙂